What Sellers Say

What Sellers are Saying

Thanks for the super-efficient service I received from you and your team – you did say my property would be sold in 3 weeks and so true to your word it was. I highly recommend you and your team!

I had my apartment on the market for a long while with other agents, but it was overpriced, but nowhere along the line did anyone discuss with me that we needed to adjust the price. In desperation I called Trevor as I had seen his boards all over Parklands. Immediately after I called, Trevor made an appointment with me, came and inspected the property, gave a far more accurate evaluation too. He had agents bringing clients all the time. We chatted and he advised that we should reduce the price slightly as I was getting very eager to either sell or go the route of renting. Well true to expectations Trevor came to the party and sold my apartment.

Thanks for all your help Trevor – can’t tell you how much we appreciate your hard work. We have had the house on the market with a number of other agents and none have provided service that comes even close to yours. I just want to thank you for making this experience a pleasurable and hassle free one which, to be honest, I never thought was possible when I look back at past experiences. Thanks a million!

I would like to express a big word of thanks to Trevor Chute. I sent an email to him while in the UK trying to establish whether it would be possible to purchase a property while abroad and asked him to explain the practicalities and difficulties of the buying process. I was so impressed by Trevor's speedy reply and dedication in helping me purchase a home without any difficulties. He has been very helpful, supportive and shows strong dedication in his work. He has a unique way of working with clients and I must say this is a unique skill that gives one reassurance and trust in him. I now own my dream home!

Thank you so much for your professionalism and hard work. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and will definitely use you again on any other properties that I may need to sell. Record price, record sale time, cash buyer. Unbelievable!

Oh my word!!!! I am in tears! You are so good and I am speechless for once in my life. A sterling job. Well done and thank you.

Seldom do I write such letters, as good service is expected. I also expect that the service exceeds my expectations. Yes, I expect to be wowed. However there are the exceptions, where my expectations are exceeded, where the services really makes me say: “WOW” – Trevor and his team did just that.

What a fantastic experience we had with Trevor when we were house-hunting. we signed the documents allowing us to purchase our new home, which Trevor introduced us to. I can honestly say he had perfect instinct when he suggested this house to us, it ticked all the boxes and Trevor knew that – perfect match! I definitely recommend Trevor!

We signed a mandate with Trevor on the 4th and received an offer on the 8th. It’s amazing what correct pricing and marketing expertise can do!

After being told by other agents that the market is slow and we would struggle to sell our flat we met with Trevor who was recommended by a friend. He met with us; suggested a slight price reduction that seemed reasonable; took excellent photos and photo-shopped them into an attractive marketing document. Two weeks, later the flat sold at the full asking price!