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It is understandable that many people do not want to think about moving house until the time to move looms near. However, this seemingly massive operation can be simplified by dedicating some time to planning your move. The key to successful moving is to start planning early. Break your tasks into “bite-size” fragments by assigning them to these schedules: • Eight weeks before the move • Six weeks before the move • Four weeks before the move • Three weeks before the move • Two weeks before the move • One week before the move • Moving day Trevor’s Tip:… Read More

Shopping for a new home is an emotional experience. It’s also time consuming and comes with a myriad of details. Some buyers, however, caught up in the excitement of buying a new home tend to overlook some items. Their home purchase turns into an expensive process. These errors generally fall into three areas: • Paying too much • Losing a dream home to another buyer • Buying the wrong home When you have a systematic plan before you shop, you’ll be sure to avoid these costly errors. Here are some tips on making the most of your home purchase: BUYER… Read More

  Purchasing an investment property can be an intimidating and often risky business, but it is also a way to ensure a solid financial future for those who can master it. While seasoned property investors will generally have a vast understanding of the property market, many first-time buyers or those relatively new to the property game will often make the wrong and sometimes very costly decisions. Although lucrative opportunities can be found in the current market, it is important for buyers to avoid certain pitfalls that can impact on their return on investment. Any property buyer should take note of… Read More